Every monster's life begins in an egg. Take good care of it! If you can do that and diligently collect EXP, it will start evolving.


Finally you received a monster! Now you can make stronger fights and level it up to max 30! The higher the level, the more money you earn!


At the end for your hard work, you can sell your monster for Tron (TRX). We work with FaucetPay, so there are no transaction fees!

Claim every hour in the forest! But you can reduce the time!

Every hour you can walk in the forest and try to find monster, items or money. One of these things you'll find to 100%!


Battle Arena! Fight with your monster!

You can fight with your monster or egg in the Battle Arena! There you can gain EXP and reduce the time it takes to go back to the forest!

Battle Arena

Refer people and earn even more! For Lifetime!

You can share your Link and get an additional Referral! You earn 10% from your referral!


FaucetPay Instant free Payout!

Through FaucetPay you can receive instant your earnings, with no transaction fee! You can even exchange on their site your currency to any currency they offer!